How to Stop Compulsively Eating Nutella

Over the past two months here in Paris, I have found myself shoving any kind of carb imaginable into my mouth at such rapid speeds that I have almost run out of air, far too many times than I am willing to admit. I’ve decided its time to make a change in my life, and adopt a healthy eating lifestyle!

Cutting sugar out of my diet has had some repugnant effects similar to those predicted if world war three were ever to erupt. But in this blog post I am sharing some ways that I have been coping with even the most severe symptoms of withdrawal.

In order to get myself PUMPED THE FUCK UP about eating healthy I made my way down to the healthy/trendy food store called “Mark and Spencers” where I picked up a few obnioxiously over priced oats and almond milk, with ridiculously cute packaging to really get into the healthy eating spirit!! (I would encourage you all to do the same!)


When your sweet tooth kicks in, instead of reaching for 6-12 jars of Nutella,  try one of the recipes below! They are great for a DELICIOUS dessert, breakfast or snack and make the hard times better.


I start with natural unsweetened GREEK yogurt for protein (I like to get the unsweetened kind, and add my own honey because I ration that even though I add a fuck ton of honey, I still think I add less than the amount they put in if you buy it pre-sweatened. PRO TIP). Then I top it with bananas and strawberries but feel free to get FUNKY with your flavours. I put some peanut butter in the middle, and then throw on some granola, and of course chia seeds to be trendy.



NGL I kinda stole this recipe from my pal Kourtney Kardashian, but that BISH has a blender and I don’t so this is the poor girl twist on a modern day fav. All you have to do is mash up a banana and an avocado together with a small amount of honey and almond milk, then add whatever fruit you want on top and chia seeds if you wanna be a healthy homegirl like me!

Give these recipes a try! They have really helped me during my past two weeks of eating healthy, especially when I have experienced sugar cravings so severe that I find myself sweating and shaking in the fetal position on my bathroom floor!!! I remember to just take a few breaths, make a be-line to kitchen (avoiding all eye contact with anything that might trigger me to compulsively eat Nutella) and start mashing up some avocados, and before I know it, I am back on track to my dream beach body!!



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