A lot of people really look forward to the weekends for their wild Friday and Saturday nights filled with binge drinking and bad decisions, but honestly Sundays are an overlooked and underutilize day of the weekend that I look forward to most.

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Here are some things I do on Sundays that keep me loving and looking forward to them!

Sunday Mornings:

Sunday mornings are often glamourized in rom-coms, John Green Novels, and Jack Johnson songs but if done right, I truly believe that they can really live up to their fame. To really have a kick ass Sunday morning try the following activities:

  • Wake up early and listen to an indie/chill/Michael Bublé Playlist
  • Go for a morning run! Get some fresh air, and feel like you’ve accomplished something early on, this really helps set the mood for the entire day! Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset


  • Spend some time making a cute Instagram worthy Breakfast! Or better yet, if your number of friends, and funds are fruitful, go for a Sunday Brunch!!! Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset


Sunday Afternoon:

  • Get outside and do something fun! On this particular Sunday I met up with a friend at a really private local café (Starbucks) and we did our work and chatted about lifeIMG_8884


Sunday Night:

  • Clean your Space:

I like to get myself ready for the week ahead by going buck wild and cleaning my entire apartment and doing all my laundry. Not everyone finds cleaning a very fun or relaxing activity, but a great way to start enjoying the act of cleaning is to leave your apartment a filthy mess for an entire week, and trust me, by the time Sunday rolls around you will look forward to nothing more than scrubbing the filth away at the end of every week!!!

  • Clean your filthy self:

Just like my apartment, my actual physical self get’s a little ratchet ass as the week goes on, and I take Sunday nights to clean everything up. If I don’t take this time to ensure that everything stays in order, I run the risk of letting my uni-brow grow in, among other atrocities I aim to avoid. I take some time on Sunday evenings to shower, paint my nails, do a hair mask, a face mask, or a fake tan!

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  • Get your head together:

I literally love getting my thoughts together on Sunday night, and it truly helps to get myself amped up about the week ahead. I usually take 15-20 minutes to sit down with my planner, and plan out my week. I write down a little plan for each day, including deadlines, workouts, meals, hangout times, and of course time to cry depending on how many things I have to do that week.

I also really like to write out some goals for the week, and look back on my goals from the previous week and see if maybe I have accomplished anything. This really helps me stay focused, and not feel like a piece of shit just wasting space.

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Finally, I like to go to bed early on Sundays so that I am rested for the week ahead, before bed I’ll watch a movie, youtube videos, or some trashy reality tv. I like to give myself at least 30 minutes before I actually plan on falling asleep to turn off all my technology, and just crack open a good old fashion book and read for a bit. Then I hit the lights and call it a night!

Leave me a comment below on your favourite Sunday ritual!!



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