It’s spring break here in Paris, and I took a 3 day trip to Barcelona, Spain!!!

Despite the weather app saying it was going to rain, and be cold for my three day trip, I convinced myself I would be having a sun filled beach vacation and packed only shorts and dresses!!!

Alas, I only have myself to blame for the misery I was faced with as I shivered through tourist sites, and got dirty looks from locals who were bundled in jackets, jeans, and boots.

Despite poor packing choices I still managed to have an amazing time! Barcelona is a city filled with unique architecture, cool restaurants, packed terraces, and Mojitos/Sangria pitchers at every glance!

Here are some photos of the highlights:


Finally, I will leave you with a short story about the lowest point in my trip and debatably my life:

My final day in Barcelona I woke up feeling ill as hell. It may or may not have had something to do with all the sugary cocktails I had been drinking, or my lack of water/fruit/nutritional substances, but the fact of the matter was that I was on the floor of the bathroom in the hostel with my hair in a sweaty bun, wondering why bad things happen to good people.

After some deep breaths, and a cold cloth I started to feel well enough to get dressed, and walk to the famous Boqueria market conveniently located next to the world-renowned American food chain Dunkin’Donuts!!! After a cup of strawberries and box of donuts I was feeling well enough to concur the day.

By about 3pm I was back to feeling like death. I was nauseous, confused, and in a daze. I was also freezing because it was probably 13 degrees with no sun, and I was wearing jean short shorts. So I marched my ass into a souvenir shop and bought a bright red, and yellow beach towel that said “I ❤ SPAIN” across the back and wrapped myself in it as I walked through the streets, with my hair still in a sweaty bun and my eyes half open as I tried to remain a “trooper” for my travel companions who were dressed in weather appropriate trendy outfits and were likely embarrassed and ashamed to be walking next to me.



All in all I had a great time, with great company and I have fallen in love with Barcelona and can’t wait until I have the chance to go back!


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