Lately I’ve had one goal and one goal only and that is to finally look Parisian. I used to be okay with walking the streets of Paris cake faced, in 100% north American fashion, but I have finally reached the point where I want to assimilate into the French culture.


I decided to start by exploring the French skin care products. So I took to Pinterest and researched the best French products for my face (thanks to Globalization a lot of these products are available worldwide via the Internet!!) – after using them for a little over a month I am ready to review each product in detail.

For reference I have oily, acne prone skin. (LIFE ROCKS!!!!)

  1. Bioderma Makeup removers:

Ok this product is like RAVED about all over the Internet but I can’t exactly figure out how to use it. Call me stupid but it doesn’t really take my makeup off? Leave me a comment below of how you use it (cotton pad? bare hands? with water? without?) – and why you love it.


  1. Avène Cleansing Gel:

This product was only like 10 euro and I’ve been using it for a month and have barely made a dent in it – so that alone makes me like it. (The more bang for my buck the better). But I actually love this cleanser. It does a great job of taking my makeup off, and leaves my pores feeling tight and clean. I use it morning and night and it is great!


  1. Avène Cleanance EXPERT spot treatment:

I don’t even know what my face would look like without black heads, but after using this product for a month I am slightly convinced it might have made a small difference. My skin over all looks a lot clearer but I am not sure if my blackheads are actually any better or if it’s just a placebo effect (take a psychology class if you don’t know what this means). But this product in combination with the rest of my routine has made my skin look a lot brighter and healthier.

feel confident taking beauty advice from someone who’s nail polish is all over their nail beds 🙂 
  1. Cattier Green Clay Mask:

This was another product that was raved about all over the Internet but I couldn’t find it at the local pharmacies so I was worried maybe it was only sold at Sephora and would be like 50 euro. But much to my dismay I was pleasantly surprised to hear it was sold at Monoprix (a French Target/Walmart – but cute) and was only 4 euro! I use the green one that is for oily acne skin (I believe they also have a pink one for sensitive skin) and this mask is amazing. Definitely worth all the hype. I probably use it about two times a week, and it leaves my skin looking great – brighter, healthier, clearer, and so so soft. If you are in France or Europe I would highly recommend checking the drug stores for it!


  1. NUXE honey lip balm:

I usually don’t even use lip balm because the more you use it the more you need it. But this one is actually amazing. It’s definitely too heavy to use during the day so I’ve just been applying it every night before bed, and the following day my lips are smooth, and MOIST! 10/10 would recommend.



Since I started trying out these new products I’ve found that the over all look of my skin is a lot brighter and healthier – which even though I still cake on makeup to conceal my imperfections, starting with healthy skin can really improve the way your makeup will sit on your face, and help your makeup stay put all day.

So hit up your local drugstore, or Sephora depending on whether or not you are a member of the bourgeoisie and get some new products to put on your face!!



    1. Thank you! Yes give them a try, and apply a good moisturizer after, or check out some of their products for dry skin!! 🙂


  1. Nice post. I purchase many of the items you posted at CityPharma on the corner of Rue du Four and Rue Bonaparte. The prices cannot be beat and I load up to keep me well-supplied between trips!


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