Paris was so so good to me, thus I will be dedicating this blog to thanking Paris for all that it was that led me to fall in love with it.

Thank you to all my friends. Thank you exploring Paris with me. Thank you for sharing your stories with me, and thank you for listening to mine. Thank you for being my favorite part of this experience.

And a special thank you to my long time best friend Hannah (known as extistential embarassement) thank you for letting me sleep on your floor (actual floor, no air mattress) for 2 weeks while I was homeless. Thank you for laughing with me throughout this entire experience, and thank you for crying with me now that it’s over.


Thank you to the lady at the international office for buying me a café crème when I cried at school because I found out I would be living in the ghetto.

Thank you to the other residents of my apartment complex for not stealing all my things that time I left my apartment for 12 hours and forgot to close my door.

Thank you to my landlord for never charging me the late fee even though I pay my rent mid month on a good month.

Thank you to my French cost accounting professor who gave me a 10.1/20 after I emailed her begging for extra credit so I could pass the course and graduate on time.

Thank you to the barista at Dose Café for helping me proof read my French homework every week.

IMG_2694 copy 2

Thank you to my little babies who I babysat everyday. Thank you for throwing your beats on the white furniture, for crying for hours on end, and thank you for throwing tantrums in the streets of Paris. Thank you for teaching me patience, and the importance of birth control.

Thank you to the woman who stopped to help me detangle my coat from the aforementioned two year olds scooter wheel, while he screamed uncontrollably on the street.

Thank you to my internship, for teaching me multiple invaluable lessons, but above all thank you for teaching me the beauty in being intellectual.

Thank you to the men of Paris for making me afraid to ever leave my house in so much as a mid thigh shorts. Thank you for helping me to realize the severity of the male gaze and the effects it can have on a young women’s perception of herself (!!!!)

IMG_2693 copy 2

Thank you Chez Chen the Chinese restaurant down the street for never judging me for eating noodles until midnight while reading good books in the upstairs terrace.

Thank you to the driver’s of Paris for not killing me that time I fell off my bike in the middle of a traffic circle, and a special thank you to those who rolled down their windows and swore at me in French. That helped a lot, thank you.

Thank you to anyone who took a photo of me, helped me come up with a caption, or helped me choose the best filter to complement my “flow”. This experience would have meant nothing to me if it weren’t for my increased instagram fame.

IMG_2664 copy

Thank you thank you thank you for all this experience was. Paris was a dream. I have never been so afraid, so unknown, so poor, or so happy to be exactly where I am.

(ok back to self deprecating useless shit blogs next week just had to get this one out of the system as I endure post exchange depression)

IMG_2654 3 copy



2 thoughts on “MERCI PARIS

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience in Paris! It looks like you really enjoyed yourself. I definitely want to visit Paris one day as well as some other hot spots in Europe. I actually have a recent post, about different European Hot Spots to travel to, feel free to check it out! I would love to know where else Europe you’d like to travel to! 🙂

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  2. This post made me very happy. I love how you express so much gratitude, and your pictures are aesthetically pleasing! 😊💜

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