Grocery Haul

Buying groceries is an adult thing in life unlike all other adult things life in that it’s actually really fun!!!! Often times the highlight of my week!! (what who said that?)

Here’s a little grocery haul I hope will inspire you all as the countless grocery haul’s I hunted down on pinterest did for me.

First an overview: IMG_3734.JPG

  1. Lettuce is definitely a staple food item if you want to fool people into thinking that you’re a skinny bitch. Avocados should go with out saying. Those things are almost as trendy as Kim K herself.
Ya you bet I took these pictures on my kitchen floor 

2. Non fat plain greek yogurt is a great thing to have on hand because it’s a great substitute for sour cream, and a good base for salad dressings (That’s an honest piece of advice as a reward for reading this ridiculous blog of mine). As for the eggs, I often buy egg whites to be trendy and healthy and then never end up eating them because ew gross egg whites from a carton?? Are you kidding me??? So this week I decide to really treat myself and get full formed eggs.


3. If #Thinspo has taught us anything at all its to stay away from carbs at all cost, but it’s really hard to be trendy and eat avo toast whilst maintaining an unhealthy body image!!! Some rye bread is a MUST for making insta worthy avo toast, and is not bad topped with peanut butter and honey for a late night binge (what??). The dry cereal is over priced but a necessity for topping açai bowls (!!!!! keep reading !!!!) IMG_3726

4. SNACKS! Granola bars are so over rated because if you research it hard enough you discover that they are in fact almost as bad for you as just eating a chocolate bar!!!! So I stick with protein bars (Choc chip quest bars are my number one choice), along with KIND bars, and whatever the fuck else I can find in the natural food isle with cute packaging and an outrageous price tag!! IMG_3731

5. omg !!! The Acai!!!! It’s here !!!! (!!!!!!!!)  Healthy and trendy !!!! Throw this shit in a blender with a banana and some un-sweatned almond milk, then pour into a bowl and top with as many instagramable things you can find in your kitchen (some examples are: chia seeds, hemp seeds, granola, banana, cocoa nibs, and or coconut flakes)  IMG_3732

6. More frozen healthy, trendy, things !! IMG_3733

6. These are a few staples that I use on the daily IMG_3727



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