I would attribute this “My Strange Addictions” level addiction to decorating to my need for “nesting” i.e. creating a safe space, most likely due to the fact that I lived in a 4×4 attic of an actual crack house last year.

Now that my dreams have finally come true and I have settled in to the perfect, cutest, little mansion, in an adorable little neighbourhood in Toronto with 3 of my pals you bet your ass I’ve been decorating the shit out of this place.


Read on to find out my TOP QUICK EASY FAST AND TRENDY AS HELL decorating tips!

1. First things first you NEED to start with white walls to best showcase your dollar store DIY’s. I made all my roommates cram into my room in the middle of a heat wave in August to paint my room with no air conditioning!!! Everyone is really delighted to be living with me I swear!!

2.Picture Frames!!

This is very trendy if I do say so myself. I see this picture frame assortment shit show at like every trendy place I’ve ever been. I got the frames from value village and the dollar store, and then got some photos from my Tumblr printed out. If you’re genuinely artsy and not just fake artsy like me, then you could use your own photos and really wow your house guests!!


The hardest part about this was getting the frames to stay on the wall. The first night I hung these I was awaken at roughly 5am to the sound of the frames crashing down to the floor. Visit your local Home and Hardware, and ask the LOVELY sales associates for their best recommendation on how to hang “like trendy little picture frames with like my tumblr pictures in them”. Believe me, they love questions like that, and are DYING to help gals like us!!!

Also if you live alone DON’T EVEN BOTHER trying to attempt this as its far too advanced for even the most skilled solo DIY’ers. It takes precision to hang these things in an aesthetic way. You NEED a committed roommate. For example, mine took the luxury of getting on the floor and mapping out where every photo frame would go!! She even argued with ME about what would look best.

p.s. I instagrammed a picture of my famed wall décor and was slightly offended by the number of people who commented that damn emoji with the heart eyes and said things like “GOALZ” because c’mon people that was picture of my fucking WALL!! I’ve never gotten so much affection, not even on a hot face pic????? I literally do not understand society, especially the MILLENIALS.IMG_8768.JPG


I can’t stop making these frickin pompoms where ever I go. I have to give credit to my second year RA who was a true crafter, and decorated our entire backyard with these pompoms. Ever since then I became simply INFACTUATED with these tissue paper delights. I’ve made them and hung them in every single one of the last 6 houses I’ve lived in, in the past 3 years. They’re really easy to make but I’m not going to attempt to explain it. Just look it up on Pinterest or YouTube. But it’s a really cheap and an easy way to decorate an otherwise plain white wall.




Candles are a MUST! There is nothing more relaxing then veg’ing the fuck out with the fear in the back of your mind that you might burn your entire house down!

I used to be on that Bath and Body Works candle bandwagon but then decided that was a low way to live my life and got the fuck off that wagon that was headed straight to tacky-land. I’ve now graduated to much more sophisticated candle tastes; these huge trendy things were purchased at a cool coffee shop down the street from me (case and point!!). I think my next step in the trendy candle direction would be to start making my own candles, but for now I’m going to leave that to the Amish.



What I’ve come to learn during this process is that decorating is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to accumulate nice pieces to adorn your living space with. I still don’t feel like my room is “finished” yet. I want to add some little cactuses, and some throw pillows. Ok I just had to get that off my chest. Other than that my room is literally P E R F E C T. Every day I wake up and can’t believe my fortune!!! From crack house to mansion- miracles do happen people!


I hope you enjoyed xoxox



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