Cereal For Dinner – Episode 1

It’s been a very sad few weeks caused by equal parts the coming of periods and the American election results.

My breaking point was during the stretching component of my Thursday morning workout class. We were on our backs hugging our knees to our chest, and a sad slow song was playing and i just couldn’t keep myself together any longer. The inviting environment caused a few tears to stream down my face. Luckily I had time to wipe them away before the lights came on and I had to face the others.

If you had a sad week too, for whatever reason whether it be menstrual or politically related I have a gift for you!

Take some time to listen to my roommate and I’s first ever podcast which I’m 90% will make you laugh – whether it be because we are comedic geniouses, or because you are just so embarrassed for how pathetic we are – I’m sure this podcast will brighten your day!!!

Click Here!!



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