How to be pretty AND a genius!

It’s a commonly known fact that I am a sheer genius. Another commonly known fact is that I am about as empathetic as they come. If you are like me, and can put two and two together then you already know that in this blog post I’m going to be sharing my tips and tricks to getting straight A’s in university!

So if you love and value yourself and your education, than buckle up and read on! (If you really loved and valued your self than you wouldn’t be reading this blog).

I follow the simple, and often over looked learning method of the three R’s! Reduce, Re-use, RHIANNA. Just kidding. Read, Recite, and Review.

  • Read: I ALWAYS buy my textbooks, and follow the syllabus assigned in the first class, to complete each reading. Sometimes readings are long and dry AF, but I am always equipped with a highlighter, and a quiet space, and just get it done. I usually do the readings for the following weeks class, right after the class. For example, if I have a psychology class Tuesday from 9am-11am, right after class I will head to the library and read the following weeks chapter.  To really make sure things have sunk into my slow to absorb brain, I make notes directly after reading. I flip back through the chapter and type out everything that I’ve highlighted (i.e. the key concepts). This process usually takes about an hour.
  • Recite: Going to class is like half the battle. During class I will pull up the notes I made from the textbook (described in section 1), and follow along the lecture adding in key topics mentioned by the professor that I don’t already have. Coming to class with notes already prepared and a general idea of what the fuck is going on, puts you in the best position possible to listen and take away the most from the lecture.  I will also include any examples, and highlight anything the prof mentioned would be on the exam.
  • Review: Like I said in section 1, as soon as I finish class I head to the library to start reading the next chapter. But before I do that, I take about 15-30 minutes to review what I just learnt. Experts have claimed that if you review your material within 24 hours of learning it, you are more likely to remember. My method of review is by making and practicing flash cards. This sounds tedious but with the app Flash Card Hero it is easy and not to mention FUN! I honestly would recommend this app to anyone in school right now.
Photo of me @ HARVARD. i.e. photo evidence that I am a genius (for you non -believers)

And just like that, you will be a genius like me! As a champion for women reaching their destined success, I feel that it is my duty in a time like this to remind all of you that we are not all natural born geniuses (is that even a word?).  If you are someone who just can’t seem to get an A no matter how hard you study, then it’s time to face the music. It’s important to give up now, before its too late. Focus your energy into something that’s guaranteed to pay off. My suggestion would be finding a smart husband, who is nailing his exams in a university program that has a high track record of producing billionaires.

We can’t all be smart but we can all be successful women! 🙂




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