Maternal Bond

There is a special bond that often forms between mothers and daughters, which has scientifically been called the “mother daughter bond” by Bill Nye and other scholars of the same calibre.

My mom is the number one fan. She always laughs the hardest at even at my most fucked up shit. I like to think it’s because she truly understands me, and has a wicked sense of humor, but it’s more likely because she’s just a good mom, and is practiced in unconditional love.

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T-Shirt reads: Life of the Party 

My mom has taught me many valuable life lessons throughout my 21 years but I will be dedicating this blog to highlighting just a few of my most fond memories of my mother teaching me to build character, perseverance, and to become more altruistic.

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There is a distinct time that I recall when my mom taught me the valuable lesson of determination, and putting my personal needs aside momentarily to serve the needs of the group at large. Two Christmas’s ago in Mexico, I found myself blackout drunk alongside my fearless companion, and the feature of this blog, my mom. The two of us, shit faced, had quite the task in front of us: to prepare the Christmas dinner. I suddenly realized the magnitude of the situation and confided in my mom that I was far too fucked to go on this journey with her.

My mom, the tyrant that she is, the glue who holds our little family together, gave me the pep talk of a lifetime, thus saving Christmas. She set down her glass of watered-down-box-Chardonnay, put both her hands on my shoulders and looked me dead in the eyes and told me that with a little dedication and grit I could get through this.  Following my fearless leader, I braved the storm of chopping vegetables, simmering sauces, and most physically demanding of all; setting the table, and all because of my brave, and awe inspiring mother, Christmas went ON.

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Wild beast in her natural habitat

Perhaps it has only been in recent years, since moving out on my own, that my mom and I’s mother daughter relationship has become more friend oriented, but I do specifically recall being rather obsessed with my mom even in my high school years. While other people were trying to sneak away to parties, my mom helped me serve Katy Perry themed jell-o shots to my High School friends in our basement. I will admit I sometimes try to keep my mom hidden away from my friends only because these so called “friends” often find my mom funnier than me – which quite frankly pisses me right off. I do however treasure how jovial this little lass is.

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I am forever grateful that my mom has always been so unapologetically herself. She never once put on a fake mom attitude. She let me see her as she truly was throughout it all. Her transparent attitude allowed me to do the same, to never be afraid to admit my faults, ask for help, or just let loose and be real.  While she is always down for a glass of wine and some silly attitude, my mom is actually really inspiring and like pretty smart, which in my opinion is a killer combination.

Happy Mother’s Day to my kind, empathetic, smart, brave, and sometimes funnier than me, mom, and long distance best and truest friend. I love you!!!!

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