Make Sustainable Fashion Great Again

I’ve come to the realization that with an audience as big as mine (nearly 17 followers from Sri – Lanka!!! Are you guys hacking me?? HAHA??), it has become selfish not to use my platform as a tool to better today’s society. After a school capstone project in my final semester of university, I’ve become obsessed with researching the negative effects of the fashion industry, and looking for ways to devote my consumerist habits in the direction of sustainable fashion.

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Peaceful Dumplings really lays it all out in this article – this shit makes me sweat profusely, and makes me want to run into my closet and light the entire thing on fire and wear bed sheets for the rest of my life but that wouldn’t do anybody any good.

Here is an excerpt from a paper I wrote on the topic that I think really captures the main problem with fashion if you haven’t already gotten the point:

Fast fashion is contributing to an environmental crisis as the second largest source of pollution worldwide, second to oil (Kurdyla, 2015). Fast fashion is also contributing to economic downturns globally, as 1 in 6 people work in the global fashion industry most which are women earning less than $3 per day (Kurdlyla, 2015). Even within North America, the growth of fast fashion is closing the gap between luxury and discount retailers, which has negative economic effects for our society. It is critical at this pivotal point that consumers are aware of the impact their purchasing behaviour has globally.


All jokes aside it actually is like really fucking bad – for a few different reasons. As you can see the problem is two-fold, bad for the environment, and bad for the economy – most notably for underpaid workers in 3rd world countries who are making Forever 21 sweaters on lunch breaks they never get. In the last 3 years’ fashion went from having 4 seasons to like 44 seasons (not to scale). Soon, nobody will be able to keep up and the whole thing will spiral out of control!!!!

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Here are 3 big things we can do to end this trend:

  1. Shop at sustainable companies

In Toronto, there are tons of new initiatives who are building a brand based on sustainable sourced garments. Some to check out are Uncle Studios, and UnCo. (from Ryerson Grads!!!). Companies who are investing in recycled fabrics, and who are paying fair wages to workers, preferably locally are the most ideal. But paying more at places like Aritzia, Nordstrom, Hudson’s Bay, Club Monaco, etc for well-made clothing that will last you longer, is STILL a more environmentally conscious decision. Buying less, and wearing your clothes for longer is a change in the right direction.

  1. Shop Vintage

The more we recycle clothing, the less NEW clothes will need to be made in factories. AND less clothing will be going to the landfill!

** Keep in mind that 80% of donated clothing items end up in landfills, so carelessly consuming fashion with the thought of just donating it later is NOT a sustainable way to live!!! (watch this video

But still, recycling your unwanted items, and shopping thrift is a move in the right direction.

  1. Shop less

The number one thing we can do is to unsubscribe from the system. I’ve made a conscious effort to abandon shopping habits all together, but especially to give up frequenting places like Zara, and H&M to buy things for one time occasions. I’ve stopped trying to live up to the style icons of Instagram, and just started appreciating and making the most of the wardrobe I already have. For example, instead of buying a new dress to wear to my convocation last week, I just re-vamped an old dress that I already owned to make it new for the occasion. Shopping less, has forced me to become creative with my wardrobe and has also encouraged me to appreciate the items I have.

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I hope these tips help, and if you weren’t already aware of the severity of the FASHION industry I hope this helped shed some light on that topic!!

Peace & blessings & dumplings




Not Skinny but Not Fat Eating Guide:

I’ve tried every diet in the book, including but not limited to the Keto diet, intermitted fasting, carb cycling, paleo, gluten free, and for 2 days I even went vegan! But needless to say, all these endeavours ended in the same way: me binge eating carbohydrates until I physically felt ill.

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I feel so ill looking at this monstrosity 

But fear not, I’ve finally cracked the code, and discovered the secret to eternal body positivity; Not giving a fuck. For the first time since I was like 16 I’ve just been eating whatever the fuck I want, whenever the fuck I want, and not to sound like vain or anything but I kind of look hot as shit- even naked!! (Every girl’s dream!!!) I literally shove Doritos, and ice-cream down my throat and wake up the next day to my dream body time and time again. I’d be lying if I said my bedroom lighting and mirror placement weren’t a factor contributing to my body revolution but alas.

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Having a hot body stems from the cosmoses – the more you fixate on it, the more out of reach it becomes. Once you break the cycle and escape the headspace that praises the idea of cheat meals, you’ll no longer be a prisoner in your own body. There’s like a legit science behind it, something like the guilt you feel makes you feel bad and want to eat more or something. Its unhealthy and such a waste of energy.

We are destined to do great things, and can’t waste our brain power counting calories, weighing our food, and starving ourselves for half the day. LIBERATE YOURSELF!

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I know if someone told me to just stop giving a fuck a few years ago I would have looked them dead in the eye and told them to fuck right off because my reality was that if I didn’t feel like I was starving to death then I wasn’t getting any thinner!!! I thought the best I could do was to provide an overview of what a typical week in my life of eating might look like:

Monday: Kept a full bag of vegan Doritos in my purse and shoved fistfuls of them into my mouth on the subway, at work, and in the gym change room.

Tuesday: Ran 3 miles in the morning, ate oatmeal with a banana, nuts, and almond milk, ended my night hammered off a bottle of Chardonnay at a gay bar, ate 2 slices of pizza post bar, AND stopped at A&W before going home.

Wednesday: Ate a Quest protein bar and an Earl Gray ice-cream cone for dinner.

Thursday: Started day with avo toast with an egg, ate Sushi and green juice for dinner (I am an icon)

Friday: Went to a spin class, drank a pressed juice, got drunk off one Girls Night Out Sangria (from a can), ate a hot dog from a street meat vendor and fell asleep with the lights on.

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Unless you want to compete in a bikini competition or be an Instagram bikini model, there really is NO POINT in obsessing over what you eat or how you look. Just eat what you want, mix in a salad and a spin class, and let go of the idea that one day you’ll have abs because abs won’t make you happy, but not stressing so much about your body WILL. I’m almost like overpowered by my pudgy stomach, and the way it feels when my thighs chafe because that’s the way my body is when I’m feeling my best, and being MY healthiest. There is NOTHING healthy about a mindset that enables you to feel stress and guilt after eating.

Happy Snacking!!

xx J

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How to be pretty AND a genius!

It’s a commonly known fact that I am a sheer genius. Another commonly known fact is that I am about as empathetic as they come. If you are like me, and can put two and two together then you already know that in this blog post I’m going to be sharing my tips and tricks to getting straight A’s in university!

So if you love and value yourself and your education, than buckle up and read on! (If you really loved and valued your self than you wouldn’t be reading this blog).

I follow the simple, and often over looked learning method of the three R’s! Reduce, Re-use, RHIANNA. Just kidding. Read, Recite, and Review.

  • Read: I ALWAYS buy my textbooks, and follow the syllabus assigned in the first class, to complete each reading. Sometimes readings are long and dry AF, but I am always equipped with a highlighter, and a quiet space, and just get it done. I usually do the readings for the following weeks class, right after the class. For example, if I have a psychology class Tuesday from 9am-11am, right after class I will head to the library and read the following weeks chapter.  To really make sure things have sunk into my slow to absorb brain, I make notes directly after reading. I flip back through the chapter and type out everything that I’ve highlighted (i.e. the key concepts). This process usually takes about an hour.
  • Recite: Going to class is like half the battle. During class I will pull up the notes I made from the textbook (described in section 1), and follow along the lecture adding in key topics mentioned by the professor that I don’t already have. Coming to class with notes already prepared and a general idea of what the fuck is going on, puts you in the best position possible to listen and take away the most from the lecture.  I will also include any examples, and highlight anything the prof mentioned would be on the exam.
  • Review: Like I said in section 1, as soon as I finish class I head to the library to start reading the next chapter. But before I do that, I take about 15-30 minutes to review what I just learnt. Experts have claimed that if you review your material within 24 hours of learning it, you are more likely to remember. My method of review is by making and practicing flash cards. This sounds tedious but with the app Flash Card Hero it is easy and not to mention FUN! I honestly would recommend this app to anyone in school right now.
Photo of me @ HARVARD. i.e. photo evidence that I am a genius (for you non -believers)

And just like that, you will be a genius like me! As a champion for women reaching their destined success, I feel that it is my duty in a time like this to remind all of you that we are not all natural born geniuses (is that even a word?).  If you are someone who just can’t seem to get an A no matter how hard you study, then it’s time to face the music. It’s important to give up now, before its too late. Focus your energy into something that’s guaranteed to pay off. My suggestion would be finding a smart husband, who is nailing his exams in a university program that has a high track record of producing billionaires.

We can’t all be smart but we can all be successful women! 🙂




Hey!! I’ve put together not 1, not 2, and definitely not 3, but FOUR of my favourite fall outfits !!  (say that 5 times fast) – These are outfits I could be spotted wearing to class, out for coffee with friends, out for dinner, crying in the library, or even to Bulk Barn.

I’ve only ever gotten a handful of compliements on my clothing choices and my style has been described as both “basic” and “white girl” on more than one occassion, so who knows where I gathered the confidence to start handing out outfit adivce but alas –

OUTFIT #1                                                                                                                                                Cardigan: ASOS
T-shirt: Zara
Boyfriend Jeans: Zara Basic Denim
Shoes: Adidas – Stan Smiths 
Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset

Leather Vest: Winners  
Turtle Neck: Zara knit
Jeans: Zara jeggins (did that knee rip myself because i’m a DIY’er)         
Shoes: H&M                                                                                                                                             Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset

Jacket: Zara
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters (Courtesy of my pal Taylor’s closet)
Boyfriend Jeans: Zara Basic Denim
Shoes: Adidas – Stan Smith    
                                                                                                                                         Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset

Jacket: Mango
Sweater: Aritzia (was peer pressured into buying this from the pretty sales associate)
Jeans: Zara Jeggings
Boots: Zara (these were only 19 Euro!!!)    
                                                                                                                                                Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset

Please keep in mind – my old italian neighbor was outside gardening during this entire photoshoot and didn’t give me one dirty glare!!!



I would attribute this “My Strange Addictions” level addiction to decorating to my need for “nesting” i.e. creating a safe space, most likely due to the fact that I lived in a 4×4 attic of an actual crack house last year.

Now that my dreams have finally come true and I have settled in to the perfect, cutest, little mansion, in an adorable little neighbourhood in Toronto with 3 of my pals you bet your ass I’ve been decorating the shit out of this place.


Read on to find out my TOP QUICK EASY FAST AND TRENDY AS HELL decorating tips!

1. First things first you NEED to start with white walls to best showcase your dollar store DIY’s. I made all my roommates cram into my room in the middle of a heat wave in August to paint my room with no air conditioning!!! Everyone is really delighted to be living with me I swear!!

2.Picture Frames!!

This is very trendy if I do say so myself. I see this picture frame assortment shit show at like every trendy place I’ve ever been. I got the frames from value village and the dollar store, and then got some photos from my Tumblr printed out. If you’re genuinely artsy and not just fake artsy like me, then you could use your own photos and really wow your house guests!!


The hardest part about this was getting the frames to stay on the wall. The first night I hung these I was awaken at roughly 5am to the sound of the frames crashing down to the floor. Visit your local Home and Hardware, and ask the LOVELY sales associates for their best recommendation on how to hang “like trendy little picture frames with like my tumblr pictures in them”. Believe me, they love questions like that, and are DYING to help gals like us!!!

Also if you live alone DON’T EVEN BOTHER trying to attempt this as its far too advanced for even the most skilled solo DIY’ers. It takes precision to hang these things in an aesthetic way. You NEED a committed roommate. For example, mine took the luxury of getting on the floor and mapping out where every photo frame would go!! She even argued with ME about what would look best.

p.s. I instagrammed a picture of my famed wall décor and was slightly offended by the number of people who commented that damn emoji with the heart eyes and said things like “GOALZ” because c’mon people that was picture of my fucking WALL!! I’ve never gotten so much affection, not even on a hot face pic????? I literally do not understand society, especially the MILLENIALS.IMG_8768.JPG


I can’t stop making these frickin pompoms where ever I go. I have to give credit to my second year RA who was a true crafter, and decorated our entire backyard with these pompoms. Ever since then I became simply INFACTUATED with these tissue paper delights. I’ve made them and hung them in every single one of the last 6 houses I’ve lived in, in the past 3 years. They’re really easy to make but I’m not going to attempt to explain it. Just look it up on Pinterest or YouTube. But it’s a really cheap and an easy way to decorate an otherwise plain white wall.




Candles are a MUST! There is nothing more relaxing then veg’ing the fuck out with the fear in the back of your mind that you might burn your entire house down!

I used to be on that Bath and Body Works candle bandwagon but then decided that was a low way to live my life and got the fuck off that wagon that was headed straight to tacky-land. I’ve now graduated to much more sophisticated candle tastes; these huge trendy things were purchased at a cool coffee shop down the street from me (case and point!!). I think my next step in the trendy candle direction would be to start making my own candles, but for now I’m going to leave that to the Amish.



What I’ve come to learn during this process is that decorating is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to accumulate nice pieces to adorn your living space with. I still don’t feel like my room is “finished” yet. I want to add some little cactuses, and some throw pillows. Ok I just had to get that off my chest. Other than that my room is literally P E R F E C T. Every day I wake up and can’t believe my fortune!!! From crack house to mansion- miracles do happen people!


I hope you enjoyed xoxox


Grocery Haul

Buying groceries is an adult thing in life unlike all other adult things life in that it’s actually really fun!!!! Often times the highlight of my week!! (what who said that?)

Here’s a little grocery haul I hope will inspire you all as the countless grocery haul’s I hunted down on pinterest did for me.

First an overview: IMG_3734.JPG

  1. Lettuce is definitely a staple food item if you want to fool people into thinking that you’re a skinny bitch. Avocados should go with out saying. Those things are almost as trendy as Kim K herself.
Ya you bet I took these pictures on my kitchen floor 

2. Non fat plain greek yogurt is a great thing to have on hand because it’s a great substitute for sour cream, and a good base for salad dressings (That’s an honest piece of advice as a reward for reading this ridiculous blog of mine). As for the eggs, I often buy egg whites to be trendy and healthy and then never end up eating them because ew gross egg whites from a carton?? Are you kidding me??? So this week I decide to really treat myself and get full formed eggs.


3. If #Thinspo has taught us anything at all its to stay away from carbs at all cost, but it’s really hard to be trendy and eat avo toast whilst maintaining an unhealthy body image!!! Some rye bread is a MUST for making insta worthy avo toast, and is not bad topped with peanut butter and honey for a late night binge (what??). The dry cereal is over priced but a necessity for topping açai bowls (!!!!! keep reading !!!!) IMG_3726

4. SNACKS! Granola bars are so over rated because if you research it hard enough you discover that they are in fact almost as bad for you as just eating a chocolate bar!!!! So I stick with protein bars (Choc chip quest bars are my number one choice), along with KIND bars, and whatever the fuck else I can find in the natural food isle with cute packaging and an outrageous price tag!! IMG_3731

5. omg !!! The Acai!!!! It’s here !!!! (!!!!!!!!)  Healthy and trendy !!!! Throw this shit in a blender with a banana and some un-sweatned almond milk, then pour into a bowl and top with as many instagramable things you can find in your kitchen (some examples are: chia seeds, hemp seeds, granola, banana, cocoa nibs, and or coconut flakes)  IMG_3732

6. More frozen healthy, trendy, things !! IMG_3733

6. These are a few staples that I use on the daily IMG_3727


Summer Makeup Routine REVEALED

I don’t mean to brag but i’ve gotten not one, but TWO requests to do a post about what makeup products I use.

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I put this post off for so long because I don’t use many fancy products (if you’re confused as to why, please read my latest post “life is hitting me hard” where I outline my negative fund situation). But I figured there is no shame in some drugstore bronzer so here is what I have been wearing as my summer makeup!


Face is the most important and fun part for me. I start with clean skin, and moisturizer with SPF 30. (I have to be hot when I’m older, so I need to protect my skin NOW).


I put concealer under my eyes, around my nose, and on any blemishes. And then blend that ish in! Currently I’m using the Maybelline New York Super STAY 24h concealer. It’s my second time buying it because it truly does stay all day.

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Maybelline New York Super Stay 24h concealer (colour ripped off)


After concealer I’ve been using the Bare Minerals Original powder foundation all over my face. I pour a small amount into the lid, and with a kabuki brush and small circular motions I blend it in. This might be my favorite makeup product ever. It’s really light weight, but has great coverage. If you’re feeling especially ugly you can do more than one coat and it has amazing coverage! It is ever so slightly iridescent, which looks amazing and doesn’t leave your face looking flat.

This product is also great bang for your buck! I purchased in over 6 months ago, and use it everyday, and it’s still going strong!!!!

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
bareMinerals Original powder foundation. Colour: medium beige N20 


I’ve just recently gotten into contouring only because it’s so damn trendy and I have a fat circular face. I use an angled brush with a matt bronzer and apply it lightly bellow my cheek bones, and around my jaw line. I apply it in layers, and start with just a small amount and then build it up from there. Nothing is worse that an obvi contour line.


I use a big fluffy brush and the NYX Tango with Bronzing Powder, sparkly dual bronzer and apply this lightly to my forehead, cheeks bones, and jaw line. I use a fluffy brush and a very light hand which helps to blend out the contour even more.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
Bourgeois Paris Mat illusion Bronzing Powder (top)  NYX Tango with Bronzing Powder 


I used to never wear blush, but ever since I started, I have been looking a 10x more alive, so 10/10 would recommend getting on the blush bandwagon. I use a darker pink blush and apply it to my cheeks then blend it down, and back towards my hairline which gives it a more natural look that doesn’t look too harsh, or concentrated on only my cheeks.


This blush has really cute packaging, and I love the color, but I find that it doesn’t usually last on my face very long.


Highlighting your face is sooooo trendy right now, so I splurged and got the raved about MAC Soft and Gentle mineralized skin finish! I was hoping it would have more color payoff, but I use an angled brush or sometimes just my fingers, and apply it on my cheekbones, and make a “C” and connect it to my eyebrow. (Hopefully this makes sense – use your imagination)

I don’t highlight my nose, because my skin is already so oily, I don’t need any extra glistening in that area.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
MAC Mineralized Skinfinish. Colour: Soft and Gentle 
  1. EYES:


I’ve been using this “QUO” brand eyebrow kit for literally 4 years. I have pretty full brows to begin with so I just go in with an angled eye shadow brush and fill in any sparse areas. I start with the tail of the brow and then apply less product as I work my way in towards my nose, to give them a more natural look.



I don’t wear eyeliner everyday, only when I’m going the extra mile to be cute AF. I apply liquid eyeliner; I’m currently using L’oreal Paris’s Super Liner, to draw a medium thick line across my upper lash line. I make the outer corners thicker, but I do not draw a wing.

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner. Colour: Black 


Lashes are my shit. I’m obsessed with having super long and full lashes and the best mascara to do this is L’Oreal Telescopic, or L’Oreal false lash Super Star (or a combination of the two). After curling my lashes I apply 3-20 coats of this to my upper lashes, and usually just one coat to my bottom lashes.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
L’Oreal Telescopic (left), L’Oreal Flase Lash Superstar (Right). Colour: Black
  1. LIPS:


Lip liner has really changed my life. I went from a 4/10 to a hard 7 with lip liner alone. I have small lips so I tend to draw my line slightly outside of where my lips naturally end. I use the lip liner to fill in my lips and sometimes I’ll only do this and just skip lipstick all together.


I generally love dark lipstick, but for summer I try to keep it a bit lighter with just lip liner and a gloss. Currently I’ve been loving the NYX Butter Gloss, in the color Angel Food Cake. It has pretty good color pay off, and lasts a long time!!

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset
NYX Lip Liner (left) colour: SPL810. NYX Butter Gloss (right) colour: Angel Food Cake 


And that is all! Here is the final result:




Processed with VSCO with a9 preset



Lately I’ve had one goal and one goal only and that is to finally look Parisian. I used to be okay with walking the streets of Paris cake faced, in 100% north American fashion, but I have finally reached the point where I want to assimilate into the French culture.


I decided to start by exploring the French skin care products. So I took to Pinterest and researched the best French products for my face (thanks to Globalization a lot of these products are available worldwide via the Internet!!) – after using them for a little over a month I am ready to review each product in detail.

For reference I have oily, acne prone skin. (LIFE ROCKS!!!!)

  1. Bioderma Makeup removers:

Ok this product is like RAVED about all over the Internet but I can’t exactly figure out how to use it. Call me stupid but it doesn’t really take my makeup off? Leave me a comment below of how you use it (cotton pad? bare hands? with water? without?) – and why you love it.


  1. Avène Cleansing Gel:

This product was only like 10 euro and I’ve been using it for a month and have barely made a dent in it – so that alone makes me like it. (The more bang for my buck the better). But I actually love this cleanser. It does a great job of taking my makeup off, and leaves my pores feeling tight and clean. I use it morning and night and it is great!


  1. Avène Cleanance EXPERT spot treatment:

I don’t even know what my face would look like without black heads, but after using this product for a month I am slightly convinced it might have made a small difference. My skin over all looks a lot clearer but I am not sure if my blackheads are actually any better or if it’s just a placebo effect (take a psychology class if you don’t know what this means). But this product in combination with the rest of my routine has made my skin look a lot brighter and healthier.

feel confident taking beauty advice from someone who’s nail polish is all over their nail beds 🙂 
  1. Cattier Green Clay Mask:

This was another product that was raved about all over the Internet but I couldn’t find it at the local pharmacies so I was worried maybe it was only sold at Sephora and would be like 50 euro. But much to my dismay I was pleasantly surprised to hear it was sold at Monoprix (a French Target/Walmart – but cute) and was only 4 euro! I use the green one that is for oily acne skin (I believe they also have a pink one for sensitive skin) and this mask is amazing. Definitely worth all the hype. I probably use it about two times a week, and it leaves my skin looking great – brighter, healthier, clearer, and so so soft. If you are in France or Europe I would highly recommend checking the drug stores for it!


  1. NUXE honey lip balm:

I usually don’t even use lip balm because the more you use it the more you need it. But this one is actually amazing. It’s definitely too heavy to use during the day so I’ve just been applying it every night before bed, and the following day my lips are smooth, and MOIST! 10/10 would recommend.



Since I started trying out these new products I’ve found that the over all look of my skin is a lot brighter and healthier – which even though I still cake on makeup to conceal my imperfections, starting with healthy skin can really improve the way your makeup will sit on your face, and help your makeup stay put all day.

So hit up your local drugstore, or Sephora depending on whether or not you are a member of the bourgeoisie and get some new products to put on your face!!


If you think my time in Paris has been all fun and games then please refer to my blog posts under the heading “LIFE CRISIS” for an honest run down of my fucked up finances, and how I’ve coped with living in the ghetto. And that is only the beginning. Half the shit I’ve been dealing with has never made it to the Internet because of pure embarrassment.



  1. Instagram timing:

At the risk of sounding superficial and vain I’ve decided to disclose the following: I’d be lying if I said the main reason I wanted to study in Paris wasn’t for the potential Instagram success that would come with it. But capturing the right moments, getting the right captions – (funny, emotional, short and sweet ????) , and working on my damn esthetic have been no walk in the park.

The main source of a lot of my problems has been the time difference between Paris, Toronto, and Calgary. Anyone who’s anyone knows that 7-10pm on weekdays is the key success time for uploads, but when my followers are dispursed between 3 vastly different time zones I’ve been left with no other option that to fuck myself over. Frankly this straight up inconvenience has taught me the virtue of patience, as I’ve learnt to wait throughout the day and let the likes roll in slowly – like an aged wine. (that’s not the right saying but you understand).

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

  1. School:

I literally forget that I am actually here to go to school, and have to remind myself of it every day. Exchange was literally all fun and games until I had to learn an entire French cost accounting course in day. I’ve learnt a lot during my time abroad but it sure as shit hasn’t been from my classes. All I’ve gained from that dang cost accounting bullshit is that I am a sunk-cost who can’t balance a damn balance sheet to save my life. Literally – my only requirement from my home University was to pass all my courses and even that has been a challenge will my lax AF study schedule.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

  1. You can’t even complain because your life is supposed to be awesome:

The worst part of it all is that I can’t even complain to anyone about the shit that is going on – because I sound like an ungrateful idiot.

Once I called my mom and told her I was bored and as soon as I said it I realized how fucking stupid I sounded. There’s an expectation that everyone one exchange is running around with 100 best friends, getting day drunk, or night drunk (what’s the fucking difference???), seeing all the sights and drinking wine on the fucking Seine 24/7 well let me tell you that has sure as hell not been the case for me. At least not 24/7.

Sure I’ve had my nights of pounding back Chardonnay until I can barely call an UBER to take me home. And days spent picnicking, shopping, or seeing museums with my newfound friends. But what about all the hours in-between? That’s the shit that doesn’t quit make it to my insta feed. Those are the hours I spent desperately trying to fill my time, and contemplating what is wrong with me and why I am sitting in my ghetto ass apartment, instead of spending every waking second surrounded by friends and documenting every second of it to prove to the world that I am in fact having a good time!!! Those are the hours I spend wondering why the extended amount of time spent with friends somehow does not justify or make up or satisfy the few hours I allow myself to spend in solitude.




A lot of people really look forward to the weekends for their wild Friday and Saturday nights filled with binge drinking and bad decisions, but honestly Sundays are an overlooked and underutilize day of the weekend that I look forward to most.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Here are some things I do on Sundays that keep me loving and looking forward to them!

Sunday Mornings:

Sunday mornings are often glamourized in rom-coms, John Green Novels, and Jack Johnson songs but if done right, I truly believe that they can really live up to their fame. To really have a kick ass Sunday morning try the following activities:

  • Wake up early and listen to an indie/chill/Michael Bublé Playlist
  • Go for a morning run! Get some fresh air, and feel like you’ve accomplished something early on, this really helps set the mood for the entire day! Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset


  • Spend some time making a cute Instagram worthy Breakfast! Or better yet, if your number of friends, and funds are fruitful, go for a Sunday Brunch!!! Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset


Sunday Afternoon:

  • Get outside and do something fun! On this particular Sunday I met up with a friend at a really private local café (Starbucks) and we did our work and chatted about lifeIMG_8884


Sunday Night:

  • Clean your Space:

I like to get myself ready for the week ahead by going buck wild and cleaning my entire apartment and doing all my laundry. Not everyone finds cleaning a very fun or relaxing activity, but a great way to start enjoying the act of cleaning is to leave your apartment a filthy mess for an entire week, and trust me, by the time Sunday rolls around you will look forward to nothing more than scrubbing the filth away at the end of every week!!!

  • Clean your filthy self:

Just like my apartment, my actual physical self get’s a little ratchet ass as the week goes on, and I take Sunday nights to clean everything up. If I don’t take this time to ensure that everything stays in order, I run the risk of letting my uni-brow grow in, among other atrocities I aim to avoid. I take some time on Sunday evenings to shower, paint my nails, do a hair mask, a face mask, or a fake tan!

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  • Get your head together:

I literally love getting my thoughts together on Sunday night, and it truly helps to get myself amped up about the week ahead. I usually take 15-20 minutes to sit down with my planner, and plan out my week. I write down a little plan for each day, including deadlines, workouts, meals, hangout times, and of course time to cry depending on how many things I have to do that week.

I also really like to write out some goals for the week, and look back on my goals from the previous week and see if maybe I have accomplished anything. This really helps me stay focused, and not feel like a piece of shit just wasting space.

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Finally, I like to go to bed early on Sundays so that I am rested for the week ahead, before bed I’ll watch a movie, youtube videos, or some trashy reality tv. I like to give myself at least 30 minutes before I actually plan on falling asleep to turn off all my technology, and just crack open a good old fashion book and read for a bit. Then I hit the lights and call it a night!

Leave me a comment below on your favourite Sunday ritual!!