After three days of speaking in a british accent we were on a flight to ROMAAAAA. Something about italy is really romantic and movie esc. The entire time I felt like I was on vacation in a romantic comedy.



After our short visit in Rome we deciphered many Italian means of transportation and finally found ourselves in the Amalfi Coast!

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POSITANO IS MY FAVORITE PLACE ON THE SURFACE OF PLANET EARTH. I’m a sucker for the beach, but love a little culture, and some cute colorful houses stacked on a cliff never hurt nobody either. Add lemons the size of your head, and gelato at every glance and you could say I was in heaven!



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The only downside were the Co-ed bathrooms. Luckily I only spotted one condom in the toilet, and one tampon in the shower and aside from that I had ZERO uncomfortable encounters with the opposite sex while showering !!




I’ve spent the past three weeks traveling Europe, living in dirty ass co-ed bathroom hostels, making ham and cheese sandwiches in the wee hours of the night to pack with me for the following day, taking overnight buses with no air conditioning, sweating donuts out in trains but most of all seeing all the beautiful things this world has to show!!


My weeks spent traveling blessed me with the most beautiful Instagram timeline and for that I am eternally grateful.However I did spend a lot of my time basking in my own glory. Imagining people’s reaction to my stunning photos and them being really jealous of my glamorous life.


I could practically hear the gossip “Jacquie is off to another country!!! Look at her cute AF instagram!!”(who’s vain??). And then I realized that more than half my friends were also traveling Europe or doing equally cool things such as interning at their dream companies, starting brands, and finding the cure to cancer.


Which admittedly made me really fucking pissed off. But also really happy to see everyone doing their thing and accomplishing their goals.

Being 20 sucks ass sometimes but right now I truly feel happy to see all my friends doing their thing, so happy in fact that I often find myself screaming at my phone “YYAAAAASSSS GURL”.

But back to me.

My friend from high school and I first hit up London, which I feel like is a city that was made for me to love, and for that very reason I didn’t love it.


I feel like London is too easy to love, and for that I don’t love it. (I hope someone is psychoanalyzing me right now, and can tell me if this statement may be affecting me in my quest at finding a boyfriend?).

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Cute cafes, bloggers, and twinkle lights (all my favourite things) surrounded me at all times so don’t get me wrong,  I had a bitch ass time. There was SO many cool things to see in this city, and all the museums were FREE!


I think my favourite area in London was Borough Market, or Notting Hill.

Check my next blog post to see my trip to ITALY!



It’s spring break here in Paris, and I took a 3 day trip to Barcelona, Spain!!!

Despite the weather app saying it was going to rain, and be cold for my three day trip, I convinced myself I would be having a sun filled beach vacation and packed only shorts and dresses!!!

Alas, I only have myself to blame for the misery I was faced with as I shivered through tourist sites, and got dirty looks from locals who were bundled in jackets, jeans, and boots.

Despite poor packing choices I still managed to have an amazing time! Barcelona is a city filled with unique architecture, cool restaurants, packed terraces, and Mojitos/Sangria pitchers at every glance!

Here are some photos of the highlights:


Finally, I will leave you with a short story about the lowest point in my trip and debatably my life:

My final day in Barcelona I woke up feeling ill as hell. It may or may not have had something to do with all the sugary cocktails I had been drinking, or my lack of water/fruit/nutritional substances, but the fact of the matter was that I was on the floor of the bathroom in the hostel with my hair in a sweaty bun, wondering why bad things happen to good people.

After some deep breaths, and a cold cloth I started to feel well enough to get dressed, and walk to the famous Boqueria market conveniently located next to the world-renowned American food chain Dunkin’Donuts!!! After a cup of strawberries and box of donuts I was feeling well enough to concur the day.

By about 3pm I was back to feeling like death. I was nauseous, confused, and in a daze. I was also freezing because it was probably 13 degrees with no sun, and I was wearing jean short shorts. So I marched my ass into a souvenir shop and bought a bright red, and yellow beach towel that said “I ❤ SPAIN” across the back and wrapped myself in it as I walked through the streets, with my hair still in a sweaty bun and my eyes half open as I tried to remain a “trooper” for my travel companions who were dressed in weather appropriate trendy outfits and were likely embarrassed and ashamed to be walking next to me.



All in all I had a great time, with great company and I have fallen in love with Barcelona and can’t wait until I have the chance to go back!



Lille is a cute as frick little city 3 hours outside paris that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves mason jars, Zara, crepes, waffles, cookies, cupcakes or cute streets with hanging lights!!


Here are some photos from my short trip to this little piece of HEAVEN.